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USPS – The Company That’s Big On Inclusivity

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a reputable source for all our shipping and mailing needs. They are a company that’s big on inclusivity.

If you visit the USPS website, the first thing you’ll notice is a pleasant picture of a Black woman as their cover photo. If you continue to explore the website, you will see other pictures of older people, people who appear to be of Latin or Hispanic backgrounds, and an Indian woman wearing a custom dress.

Normally, companies advertising for mainstream media would do otherwise, but inclusion does matter and is absolutely important!

We all know that there has been a discrepancy for years on how people of color and other minorities are not prioritized in mainstream advertisement. Other companies should take a page out of USPS’s book and incorporate their DEI policy in all aspects of their company’s endeavors.

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