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Q. I downloaded a free image from your site, can it be used for commercial purposes?

A. No. Free images can only be used for editorial purposes (i.e. blogs and magazines). Please read our licensing agreement to learn more about our terms of use. 

Q. Do you offer subscriptions?

A. Presently, we do not offer subscriptions but will aim to offer them in 2022. At present, we offer bundles for you to purchase at an affordable rate. 

Q. I was unable to download my file or encountered a problem.

A. Contact and we will replace the file with the same one

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Since we offer products that are downloadable for immediate use, there are no refunds for individual media downloads.

For monthly subscriptions and bulk sales that include a set amount of downloads per price (ex: 5 downloads for $25) we will provide a refund if it shows on our end that you did not conduct any downloads.

Refund policy

If you have downloaded a single piece of media that has technical flaws, please contact us for the following:

  • A refund in the amount of the cost of that file

  • A duplicate file in proper format


If you are not able to download a particular piece of media, we will refund the money used to purchase that piece of Media, provided that Your Jpeg determines you have been unable to download the Media successfully.


Downloads will not be refunded if more than 7 days from the download date have passed.


Q. How can I use Bundles and Subscriptions?

A. These are one-person licenses and can be used only by the account owner for his/ her clients. The license cannot be transferred to another party. If the Media is to be used by more employees, then a company license/subscription must be purchased. For questions or additional permissions contact us in writing at


Q. What file types will I receive upon download?

A. Please see downloads below:

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