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Your Jpeg seeks to offer an outlet for people of color to engage in modeling opportunities while dually providing  marketing and advertising firms with quality stock images that feature fresh ethnic faces. We are on a mission to promote inclusivity in promotional marketing and this has been a dream for many years. In 2004, Your Jpeg CEO, Cathy saw the discrepancy with race in advertising and co-founded a NY Based modeling agency that sought to recruit ethnic talent and land them jobs in the modeling industry. Today, this idea has grown into a mission of promoting inclusivity in advertising.




Long Term Goals

To provide graphic designers, marketing firms, small businesses and major companies with carefully hand curated stock images that can be used for infinite purposes without complicated licensing requirements. 

Short Term goals

Our 2021-2022 goals will be to ensure young people of color are represented in healthcare.



Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

Cathy Lewis

Photo Editing Ninja

Jefferson Chacon

Makeup Miracle

Maria Delehanty

Vibe Keeper

Shelby Joy Cole

Rockstar Copywriters

Rick Lash

Nyla Stanford

Nicole Newton

Social Media Happiness 

Zachary Thomas

Christiana Lee

Swiss Army Knife

Joseph Dupree

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